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The Winchester Gig Guide was started by a group of live music enthusiasts in 2009. It is funded out of our own pockets. We provide a free service to venues and musicians to publish their events.

We are not affiliated with any local newspapers, radio stations or other businesses.

You may occasionally see gigs listed that aren't local. We generally tend to stick to within 10 miles-ish, but if a local band or artist asks us to list their out-of-town gigs we're more than happy to do so, because they deserve our support whether they are playing locally or not.

If you'd like to contact us, please use our contact form or message us through Facebook.


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If you'd like to contact us, please use our contact form or message us through Facebook.
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Please note that alterations to the published events may be necessary from time to time. Whilst every effort will be made to keep the details on these pages updated, the Winchester Gig Guide accepts no responsibility for any costs and/or expenses that may be incurred as a result, directly or indirectly, due to any changes to the published information. Also, some venues listed in the Winchester Gig Guide may charge an entrance fee to certain events. In either case, you are advised to contact the venue to check that the published event will be taking place and confirm possible charges before making any arrangements.

The Winchester Gig Guide reserves the right to modify, add or remove the contents posted on this site at any time. The Winchester Gig Guide accepts no responsibility with regard to the availability of this site.

Accuracy of the guide:

Every week we try to check all the events listed through to the weekend and we often find events have been cancelled or changed, so please double-check the guide to see if your event is still listed before making plans. If you do find any event information that you know is incorrect, please let us know so we can fix it.

Privacy Policy:

The Winchester Gig Guide believes in protecting your privacy above all else. When you contact us we will take all reasonable precautions to ensure that your personal information is secure and we will not share your information with anyone else except when required to do so by law. We only use cookies for logged-in admins.

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The Winchester Gig Guide welcomes and encourages other websites to link to the information that is hosted on these pages.

Use of posters or photographs to advertise events:

In 2015 we started publishing the posters or photographs that venues and musicians are using to promote their events on social networks or generally in the public domain, along with the relevant event information. In order to do this, we are making a reasonable assumption that the venue or musician has sought any necessary licensing or permission to use any artwork or images depicted in their poster before they share it publicly. Therefore, if you see any artwork or image on the gig guide that you believe is being used without the necessary license or permission, we will remove the artwork or image from the gig guide on request and then advise you to contact the venue or musician that is using the poster or photograph to promote their event.

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Please note: As per our terms of use, the events listed are not in our control, so they could be changed. Also, some venues may charge an entrance fee to certain music events. In either case, we recommend that you contact the venues before making your arrangements.














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Venue: The Railway
Tribubu – a mix of strong words and a complex instrumental background, combines rumba and folk with blues and African beats. With realistic English and Spanish-language lyrics and dynamic, happy sounds, the quartet delights their listeners and ensures an extremely exuberant audience with their lively show. Rumba, country folk, African beat and blues are just a few of the styles through which Tribubu plays virtuoso.






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